The Challenge  

Challenges currently udner investigation include: Harbour infrastructure; Sensitive, protected and regulated areas; Fishery activities; Seabed morphology and depths; Marine sea surface environment.


  Capability Demonstration  

  • Datacube service established on a moving device (research vessel in Greenland, if possible)
  • Collecting environmental data of bathymetry in near real time from a sensor onboard with access and analytics.
  • Access and analytics on datacube service performed via remote client.
  • Data fusion performed onboard combining datacubes of harbour information, bathymetry, environmental variables

  User Benefit  

  • Access to data on the go
  • Ad-hoc data fusion
  • Data access to computing capabilities
  • Awareness of environment
  • Regulations awareness

  Experimental Setup  

A small rasdaman datacube instance will be deployed onboard a GINR research vessel. This datacube receives daily models of collected depths and seabed features. It will be federated with the EarthServer datacube federation for fusion queries.